Who Am I ? I Have No Clue.

There’s so much influencing the person we are today and who we will be in the future. It’s getting to the extent that you just slowly begin to lose yourself. You start to wonder “do i really like the shit i like?”. Instead of finding ourselves in the things we are exposed to, we instead lose ourselves. Feeling lost in yourself is probably one of the worst feelings. You become on unsure of everything,from what to wear to how much make up you put on. Social Media plays a big part in it, i’m not trying to be those people who tell you to delete your Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. But you should probably tone it down a little bit if you’re feeling this way, just to allow yourself some time to really find out who you are, because that shit really does not help. Only thing is that you may find like-minded, inspirational people. But you know when you see those very rare,weird creative people looking cool as fuck and they’re are just chillin? Those are the type of people i want to surround myself with and eventually become because you know what they say “you are the people you surround yourself with” ( or something like that). I don’t aspire to be weird, but I aspire to be that person who gives no fucks and is just comfy in themselves

But, lost?….

Shit, i’m feeling this. It got to the point where I would spend a few minutes thinking whether or not to post a picture, asking everyone i knew whether it was nice or not,and i’d probably end up not posting it. Just the sole fact that I thought about it made me uncomfortable. I just felt ashamed with myself that i had become one of those people, who just gave too many fucks. Try not to become that person because you will lose your fucking mind.

I’m not a counselor, but i feel shit. we all do. The only thing that I’d say is to really focus on yourself and become certain in who you are and what you want to do, although it will probably change as you grow up. But there will always be people who love the person that you become, but there will also be people who look at you funny and think “what the fuck is this person doing???” and these might be the people you grew up with, but our circles change (most likely get smaller) as we grow. But the people who are your real friends just really won’t give a fuck, they just wanna see you happy.

Man, all i really want to say is, just don’t let nobody tell you some bullshit about what you’re interested or who you are. Be your fucking self and do the shit you like. Honestly, just fuck a hater. Do you and fucking GLO UP.


(I’m not speaking from experience…actually a little)


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