Evolving The Fashion Industry

"YOU see nothing but skinny white kids in expensive gear. That is not what fashion is all about"
“YOU see nothing but skinny white kids in expensive gear.
That is not what fashion is all about”


-need to listen to me, because YOU can change things. YOU grow up in the industry seeing nothing but skinny white kids in expensive gear. That is not what fashion is all about. I step out of my front door in Hackney and the WHOLE WORLD is right there on my street. Skin every colour. FAT, skinny, wrinkled and shiny. In the first minutes of leaving my house I can experience the world, every culture bubbling and fizzing around me.I open a fashion magazine and it’s a different story. There is a whitewashing across the fashion pages. Institutional racism is dolled up, buckled into couture and sent down the runway. There’s nothing uglier. It’s simply not enough for Naomi to grace a magazine cover once a year, or for Beth Ditto to be the only FAT girl deemed fashionable. I’m not asking for one of every kind. I just want HONESTY. And the truth is that kids are going into an industry setting the example that FASHION is skinny BEAUTY is white and CASH is culture. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

This is something I found in a magazine called “arty farty fashion party yasmin le bon issue one” and I felt like I was able to relate to it, because that is literally all I see in fashion magazines especially on the runway. I feel like we’ve sort of become numb to it and think “that’s how it’s supposed to be”.There is so much culture around and they are all being kept to one side. And I feel like if the fashion industry embraced different cultures, it would grow and help those who once felt like outcasts, feel involved. Now I have nothing against “skinny white kids in expensive gear” but because that is what I’m told is perfect , I feel like I am supposed to try and become as close to that as I possibly can. Because isn’t that what every teenager is trying be? perfect? Well, not me. I generally do not care. But only reason that I am actually writing about this is because I don’t want little girls or my future daughter thinking she isn’t beautiful because she isn’t “skinny” or “white”. We are ALL BEAUTIFUL.

love& peace.


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